29 Mar 2014

Bad vein on my right leg

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I have a sore that has popped up and formed near a bad vein on my right leg. I need some help because it won’t heal. Can the Vein Guys do something?

Yes, and it sounds like you could have CVI or Chronic Venous Insufficiency which is the advanced stages of vein disease. Ulcers form in this area (ankles and lower legs) due to long-term fluid buildup in the lower leg tissue caused by increased venous pressure inside your bad or varicose vein.
THE VEIN GUYS® see this all the time with CVI and it is amazing in many instances how fast an ulcer can heal after the Venefit™/VNUS Closure?ClosureFast procedure is performed. THE VEIN GUYS® I believe could help change the quality of your lifestyle by this quick 15 minute treatment.

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