27 Mar 2014

Doctor can you help my problem?

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I have terrible burning in my calves of both legs every night but the right one is the worst.

THE VEIN GUYS® medical vein practice can definitely help if this burning is caused by superficial venous reflux disease.

Burning in the calves of the legs is one of the major indications of vein disease. Congestion in the tissues of the legs and the back flow and pooling of blood increase pressure and inflammation in the diseased veins. Just like you, patients often describe unbearable symptoms of aching, itching and burning sensations. These are further explained as a crawling and tugging feeling. Patients can’t sleep or get comfortable EVERY night.

You do not have to live with these problems because THE VEIN GUYS® have a 98% effective procedure called Venefit™ that can truly change your life and legs! Call us in Germantown, Wisconsin at 1-877-747-VEIN

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