07 Sep 2015

Low Dose Sclerotherapy

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fishingStill noticing a few veins around your knees or ankles?  Maybe briga that purplish nest on the back or side of your thigh just won’t go away.  Go all the way with The Vein Guys® and cheap nfl jerseys complete your treatment plan with sclerotherapy.  When you have troublesome veins that ache or bulge or even itch, you might be a candidate for sclerotherapy.  Smaller varicose veins can be directly injected with a sclerosant, a drug solution that seals the enlarged vessel.  The jordan sale Vein Guys® may use a compact foam solution that fills the entire area of the vein.  cheap nfl jerseys It is injected with the smallest needle possible to ensure patient comfort during the treatment. 

Every patient, every vein is different.  So are The Vein Guys® of Wisconsin.  The procedures or combination of procedures we recommend are based on years of experience, not on cookie cheap oakleys sunglasses cutter treatment plans in a one-size fits all facility.  Instead of ray ban outlet the fast paced healthcare runaround, our patients enjoy specialized, modern, tailored care from experts.   Talk to The Vein Guys.  We’re listening.


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