23 Apr 2014

If I have heart disease does my varicose veins increase my chances for a heart attack Dr. Haeberlin?

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First, if you have heart disease I hope you are seeing a board certified cardiologist for evaluation. He or she would be more qualified to directly answer the increased percentage for a heart attack.

To answer the question on your varicose veins however, patients that have cardiovascular disease and varicose veins both can be more susceptible to chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). Those symptoms include severe swelling in the legs, skin discoloration, skin breakdowns leading to ulcers that won’t heal and infections. An increase incidence in heart attacks is NOT likely but risk factors such as high blood pressure, water retention and a diagnosis of congestive heart failure can make varicose veins worse in some cases. Either way, THE VEIN GUYS® of Wisconsin goal is offer non-invasive procedures like Venefit™ to improve vascular health.

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