01 Jul 2014

I had laser done on my veins and they have come back. What should I do Vein Guys?

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An Ultrasound would confirm whether the laser did not close your veins or whether you have additional or new veins that have come into play.

At THE VEIN GUYS® of Wisconsin a thorough mapping of your veins is done and our medical vein practice uses radio frequency ablation called the Venefit procedure to perform the ablations. The success rate of radio frequency vs laser is backed up by impressive scientific studies also. The complication rate is lower and possible pain and bruising is too. Check out this link https://www.venefitprocedure.com/physicians.aspx

Contact THE VEIN GUYS® today at 1-877-747-VEIN or visit THE VEIN GUYS® on the web at www.vein-guys.com

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