01 Nov 2015

November Newsletter

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Q: What is an EOB?

A: An EOB is short for Explanation of Benefits. It’s the document you receive from your insurance company after a claim is submitted. It usually has all of the usual demographic information like your name, date of birth, address and insurance member number, but then it details your visit with a health care professional. You’ll find a DOS or Date of Service, and a description of the service you received. Sometimes you’ll see a code listed there with the description of your service. Every possible visit and procedure is assigned a code that is standardized across the healthcare industry, called a CPT code or Current Procedural Terminology code. You’ll also find a billed amount and an allowed amount. The billed amount is what you or your insurance carrier was billed for the service you received. The allowed amount is a contracted amount between the provider and the insurance carrier. The Vein Guys® of Wisconsin are preferred providers with Medicare and most commercial insurance plans and we pride ourselves in offering superior care that costs less than care provided at large hospitals and health care systems.

An EOB will also detail what portion of that allowed amount is subject to your deductible and/or or co insurance so you can see a final “patient responsibility” amount. For example, if you’ve met your deductible and the allowed amount for an office visit is $75.00 and your co insurance is 20%, your insurance company pays $60 toward your visit and you’ll pay $20.

Never hesitate to call The Vein Guys® of Wisconsin staff to discuss any questions you have on the medical care you receive or the insurance details that go along with that – we’re hear to help. Talk to the Vein Guys®.



So you’ve feasted on roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and all the fixings. The dishes are done, coffee is brewing and the game is on. Now what? It’s time for that Thanksgiving nap!! Some believe that drowsiness is brought on by Tryptophan, an amino acid found in our beloved turkey dinners. Whether it’s that or the soothing crackle of a fall fire and cozy warm blanket, all medical professionals believe in the importance of sleep. Here are a few things you might not now about the activity we spend one third of our life doing.

  • We are the only mammals that put off sleep on purpose! So treat yourself – put your legs up (it’s good for your veins too!) and enjoy your rest.
  • Statistics show the extra hour of sleep we get during the return from daylight savings means less auto accidents.
  • The Vein Guys® always recommend exercise to improve leg and vein health, but consistent exercise also helps you regulate your sleep cycle.
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