28 Jan 2014


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I am 25 Dr. Haeberlin. Can anyone have the procedure you do on the legs?

Only a qualified vein specialist (in my case surgeon) can tell you if Venefit™/VNUS Closure is right for your particular case. Vein disease does not discriminate with regard to age so at your age this really is not a factor if your daily activities of living are causing problems. The most important step in determining whether or not endovenous vein ablation is the appropriate treatment for you is a complete ultrasound examination by your vein doctor. At my medical vein practice, The Vein Guys®, me and my staff can have everything done in the office. The treatment is quick, painless and covered by most insurances. Call 1-877-747-VEIN at The Vein Guys® of Wisconsin in Germantown today!

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