30 Apr 2014

What is the success of Venefit in one to two years after the procedure?

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Patients who are diagnosed with venous reflux disease must first go through a period of conservative or home management in order to see if the symptoms can be controlled adequately enough without further vein treatments. After this conservative management period is over 98% of patients still have the pain and require something else done to eliminate the symptoms and visible veins in the legs. THE VEIN GUYS® recommend performing the Venefit™ procedure to make your legs feel and look young again. The procedure is done in the office in 30 minutes without pain or incisions and allows you to resume normal activity in less than 24 hours. The success rate after two years is greater than 99% and the vein/veins are reabsorbed by the body over this first 2 years. There is a small percent of patients that will return in 2-5 years with new reluxing veins that are causing new symptoms and will require treatment. THE VEIN GUYS® will get it done right the first time and your legs will feel young again. Like us on Facebook.com/TheVeinGuys and call 1-877-747-VEIN for an appointment.

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