20 Dec 2013

Varicose Veins

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The most visual symptom of vein disease is the ugly, blue, bulging, rope-like varicose vein.

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The animation depicts a Though healthy vein valve on the left and a diseased vein valve on the custom jerseys right. Veins that become varicose have diseased or damaged valves that no longer function efficiently. Proper blood circulation is compromised as blood remains in place and pools in the vein of the leg. When blood leaks past a diseased vein valve it is called venous reflux, the underlying cause of CVI ray bans sale (Chronic Venous Insufficiency). CVI is a serious medical condition easily recognized with skin discoloration, open sores or stasis ulcers and swelling legs and/or cheap oakley sunglasses ankles.

All to often, women and men alike alter their clothing and life style choices to hide the telltale signs and symptoms of varicose veins. Today, the good news is varicose vein treatments are now available at The Vein Guys® of Wisconsin to render your legs short-worthy again and to Cheap china Jerseys restore the days of your youth when your legs were full of energy and without pain.
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