01 Jul 2014

When can I get back to work after my varicose vein treatment?

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Patients are always concerned with this question because of fear they will be out of work for long periods of times and insurance issues.

The Venefit™ Procedure at THE VEIN GUYS® of Wisconsin is truly a “Walk in, Walk out” experience, allowing you to resume the daily activities of your life almost immediately. The only concern I would have is if your job requires long periods of standing or is physically demanding. Then, I would suggest you take it easy for a week.

THE VEIN GUYS® experience and expertise with veins focus on remedies that cure your vein problems not just the symptoms. So, re-energize your legs and life today with THE VEIN GUYS® by scheduling a comprehensive vein evaluation and new patient appointment. 1-877-747-VEIN www.Vein-Guys.com

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